Brrrr….it’s cold outside!

With wintry cold weather finally here, we strongly urge pet owners to bring their pets inside and use extreme caution when exposing pets to the cold. Pets rely on us to help them stay warm during cold weather. As a general rule: If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets. If your pets spend a lot of time indoors, make sure to introduce them gradually to dropping temperatures, rather than exposing them to the extreme cold all at once.

BRING YOUR PET INSIDE: Don’t leave your pet outside in the cold for prolonged periods of time. Remember — thermometers might show one temperature, but wind chills can make it feel much, much colder. Limit time outdoors and be mindful of frostbite on ears, tail and paws. If you run with your dog, pay attention to cold paws and, if it gets too cold, leave your pup at home. Cats should always be left indoors.

PROVIDE ADEQUATE SHELTER:  If your dog lives outdoors, provide a well-insulated and draft-free doghouse with a flexible covering to prevent icy winds from entering. Line the floors of the shelter with straw, not hay. Towels and blankets can become damp or freeze, making the space colder. If you care for a feral cat colony or other outdoor cats, here is a link to winter weathers structure you can make:

BEWARE OF ANTIFREEZE: Antifreeze often collects on driveways and roadways. Although it smells and tastes sweet to your pet, it is lethal! If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze, contact our office immediately!

ROCK SALT AND ICE MELT: Deicing products like rock salt can irritate foot pads. Be sure to rinse and dry your pet’s feet after being outside. Look for pet-safe ice melts in hardware or pet stores. Your pet needs a well-groomed coat to keep him properly insulated. Short- or coarse-haired dogs might get extra cold so consider a sweater or a coat. Long-haired dogs should have their paw hair trimmed to ease in cleaning and snow removal. A wet pet is a cold pet. Towel or blow-dry your pet if he gets wet from rain or snow. Also, it is important to clean and dry paws to prevent tiny cuts and cracked pads.


Have a safe, fun winter and send us pictures of your pet enjoying the snow!

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