Halloween Safety!

Emily A Halloween WindowHalloween is a very exciting time for children and adults, but what about your pet? Is your pet afraid of strange looking things? Does your pet get upset when the doorbell rings? Halloween can cause stress in your pet. Here are some ways to ensure everyone – 2 legged and 4 legged – can have a fun Halloween!

Keep your pet indoors. Whether you have a dog or cat, they should not be left unattended outside. While you are a pet lover, sadly there are people who are not kind to animals. Black cats are especially unjustly targeted this time of year.

Make sure your pet hasĀ  a collar with identification tags on. In the event Leo maralloHoudini runs out of an open door, a pet tags and a microchip will help your pet get back home if lost. Put a gate across your door or keep your pet contained in a crate or closed room to reduce the chance of him or her getting out.

Candy is NOT for animals! Not only is chocolate and the sugar substituteĀ  Xylitol dangerous to pets, so too are the wrappers! With no opposable thumbs, pets don’t take the candy out before eating it. Keep bowls and bags out of your pet’s reach!

Halloween Dangers to Dogs & Cats

Dill and Pickles KnudsenWatch out for that tail! A dog or cat’s tail can wreak havoc on candle. Put candles where you pet can’t knock them over!

For more tips to enjoy a safe Halloween with your pet, watch this short video from the American Veterinary Medical Association.



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