So what are those red and white signs?

If you have walked into My Pet’s Veterinary Center, if you have been in an exam room, if you’ve been on our facebook page or even looked at our business cards, you see a red and white logo with the letters AAHA. Just what is that and what does it mean?

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The American  Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), established in 1933, is the only organization that accredits animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. While accreditation for human hospitals is mandatory, it is voluntary for veterinary hospitals.  Only the top 15% of animal hospitals are accredited. MPVC is PROUD to say we are one of them!

To become an AAHA-accredited practice, we had to participate in a rigorous evaluation process to ensure we met the AAHA Standards of Accreditation, which include the areas of:

  • Quality of care (We strictly follow the AAHA guidelines regarding anesthesia, contagious disease, dentistry, pain management, patient care, surgery)
  • Management (We pride ourselves in our customer service, continuing education participation, safety measures)
  • Medical Records (We are a paper-light hospital)
  • Facility (Our hospital is extremely clean)
  • Diagnostics & Pharmacy¬†(We provide in-house ultrasound, digital x-ray, have a lab for bloodwork, in-house as well as on-line pharmacy)

To maintain accreditation maintain accredited status, we receive a comprehensive on-site evaluation every three years, which ensures that we remain compliant with the Association’s mandatory standards.

We will be having our reevaluation before year’s end! If you have questions about AAHA accreditation and what it means for you and your pet, please ask us!

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